Thank you for your interest in our Great Danes. Finding the most loving, well educated homes is my very first priority. These questions help me get to know you, and what you are looking for in a Great Dane and what you expect from your breeder. Please answer to the best of your ability.  

​Instructions: Copy below and paste into an email, be sure to fill out all questions. When all questions have been answered send to

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 Name and City and State of Airport you would ship into:


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 Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

 What color ?

 Why do you want a Great Dane?

 Do you own or rent your home?

 How long have you lived at this address?

 Who will be the primary care giver?

 When your family is on vacation who will care for the dog?

 Is anyone home during the day? Who?

 If you have previously owned a Great Dane, where was it purchased from?

 Do you have any other animals?

 What do you expect the activity level of a Great Dane to be?

 How will he be confined when he is outside?

 What brand of kibble do you plan to feed this puppy?

 Are you planning to have this puppy's ears cropped?

 Are you planning to have the breeder handle the crop or are you to handle it after the puppy arrives?

 Do you agree that this puppy will be spayed or neutered after 9 months and before 11 months if it is on a limited registration?

 Do you understand that if you place a deposit on a puppy it is non refundable?

 Do you understand that you will follow a proper vaccination schedule recommended by the breeder and agreed upon with your vet?

 Are you willing to permit home-check? 

 Are you willing to crate train your puppy for his safety?

 Are you aware of the yearly costs of maintaining a healthy dog ? 

 Yearly vaccines can be $40-$60. Then there is heart worm preventative (daily or monthly), flea control (pet & premises), dental care, food, accessories, as well as many other unforeseen items/circumstances (such as an accident or illness). 

 Are you prepared to meet these requirements ? 

 Here is a series of important questions. Answering all carefully will help in selecting the right dog  for you.

 1. Why do you want a dog? (Use an X) 
 ____ Protection ___Friendship ___ Hunter ____ Child's friend ___Appearance 
  ______ Show prospect ____ Training prospect

  What aspect of a dog is most important to you? (Use an X)
 __Appearance __Agility ____ Easy care coat __Quiet companion____

 ____Game player __Quick ____Obedience __Friendly attitude ___Adaptability 

  What would your ideal dog look like? Are there some physical features you're especially looking for? 

  What dog traits do you not like? (use an X)
 ___ Drooling ___ Odor ___ Jumping ___Inappropriate Chewing 

 ___ Shedding___ Digging ____Excessive Barking

  Are you willing to take your dog to obedience training?

  Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?

  Children: A child should not be placed beyond its level of competence and reliability with any pet. How much responsibility will your child be given in the
 care and management of the dog?

 How much adult supervision of dog and child will be provided? (Use an X)
 _____ Maximum _____ Some ___Minimal _____ None

 Supervision with neighborhood children? (Use an X) 
 ____ Maximum _____ Some _____ Minimal _____ None

 Temperament desired: (Use an X) 
 Natural leader: ____ Follower: __Friendly:___ Aloof: ____ 
 Outgoing: ____Activity level: High ____ Moderate__Low 

 How would you encourage, reinforce your dog's appropriate or good behavior?

 How would you prevent, manage your dog's inappropriate ("not so good") ill-timed behaviors? 

 Do you have any further comments about why you want a Great Dane?  


 May we check with any or all of the below references ? 

 Veterinarian (name & number) : 

 Trainer (if any) : 

 Personal references, please provide 2: 

 Do you understand that if for any reason you need to find a home for this puppy that it has to be returned to Rebecca Kubes at your expense and we will be responsible for finding it a home?

 Do you understand and agree that if I am notified that this dog has been sold, given away or re-homed you will face a penalty and the dog will be taken back by Rebecca Kubes or an authorized agent and no money shall be returned to you or anyone else involved?

 And last but not least, do you promise to send pictures and stay in contact with us on your puppy?

 Your printed name:

Thank you for your time!  We will get back with you as soon as possible.

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